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Our website does not automatically collect any information, except for information recorded in the cookies.
Cookies are IT data used in our webpage and are stored in the user’s equipment. Cookies contain the name of a webpage, time during which they are stored in the user’s equipment (e.g. computer, smartphone, etc.) and their number.

A company that places cookies in the user’s equipment of website users and has an access to the cookies is Klaudia Wyroba Export - Import, ul. Ruchu Oporu 186, 43-220 Bojszowy.
Cookies of our partners (e.g. Google Analytics) may be also saved in the user’s equipment.

Cookies are used to:
- enable users to use our website, solutions offered by our website and display our website correctly;
- create user statistics in order to adjust our website and advertisements to your individual expectations or needs.

In our website, we use the following types of cookies:
- session cookies: temporary files which are stored in the user’s equipment until the user leaves the webpage or closes the Internet browser; they enable the user to use defined services offered by the website;
- persistent cookies: they are stored in the user’s equipment for definite time in the parameters of cookies or until deletion; they enable us to collect information on how our webpage is used.

If you restrict or disable cookies, this may influence the operation of our website. The Internet browser usually allows for storing cookies on a default basis. You may change the settings anytime. Detailed information is available in the menu “Help” in your Internet browser.

You will find more details in the webpages of the most frequently used Internet browsers, including, without limitation:.